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Benefits of using and contributing to open-source software

When you are in the situation to start or revise a project you have the chance to take some basic decisions which have a fundamental impact on your success story. After giving you some insights about choosing the right technology stack in our last blog post we want to show you some benefits for using open-source software.

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How choosing the correct technologies speed up development

The most common mistake with starting a project is choosing the wrong technology. Companies look mostly internally for advice when dealing with complex problems, however the internal developers will only choose based on what they are comfortable to work with, their legacy experience (especially for long time employees) and not what would be the best solution. How confident are you that your HR strategy to only employ A-Class employees is working, thus allowing your departments to avoid innovation stagnation and the forthcoming risks?


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Business disruption 4.0/ why IoT ventures mostly fail?

It’s been well over 4 years that IoT solutions have been seeded to business strategies and now is the harvesting time. Gartner Consulting –in its famously presented hype cycle map- has shown that IoT will reach the maturity plateau in the next 5 years. But how much of the corporate world have thought of the business disruption that such an enabling technology might cause to the way that revenue streams are generated and what kind of impact would this ones have on the Business success. Well, as it is expected this is not a simple answer but there is a pattern that shall be addressed to harvest the most benefits out of it.